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Your email provider may impose a limit on the size of your photos. For your convenience, we have provided you with our Photo~Mailer facility.
I am happy to accept all kinds of work from pets to portraiture - anything "living" from people, animals, insects and birds to fish and plants. Here is the information you will require:
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Commission information and fees
SOURCE MATERIAL - I like to work from photographs and these can be scanned and emailed (high resolution preferred), by post, or using the Photo~Mailer facility below. I also work from digital images,(8MP or higher preferred).

For best results make sure your pictures are taken at the subject's eye level. Also, if the photograph is too small it will have an impact on the final quality of the commission. All photographs will be returned upon completion.

PRICING - I work in mainly 3 sizes, 7"×7", A4 and A3. I can work larger and therefore would need specific measurements and information.
Typical prices
Matted and wrapped
 7" × 7"£ 55.00 + £ 5.00
8" × 12" (A4)£ 85.00+£ 5.00
10" × 14" (A3)£ 115.00+£ 10.00
  • These prices are for single subjects, additional subjects will be extra.
  • These prices do not include shipping/handling.

TIMESCALE - Most work is completed in 6-8 weeks upon receipt of reference photographs, although complex or large drawings may take longer. For special occasions please give at least 3 months notice to avoid disappointment.

ORDERING - I will require a 15% non-refundable deposit together with reference photos. The remaining 85% is due upon completion and acceptance of finished work.

PAYMENT - I accept payment through credit card via PayPal, or cheque payable to Artur Adamczyk (work will not be shipped until cheque has cleared).

PRINTS are available for purchase direct from my galleries. Printed on archival paper, using high quality inks, they can be shipped worldwide. for more information.

SHIPPING Worldwide
All shipping is FREE of charge.
By ROYAL MAIL (Airmail Signed For outside of UK)
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